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MCS® 151 Microcontrollers
8xC151SA/SB Product Overview
The 8xC151SA/SB features a rich combination of integrated peripherals. The Programmable Counter Array (PCA) provides flexibility for applications that require real time compare/capture, high speed I/O and pulse width modulation capabilities. Also included is an enhanced serial port for multi processor communication, a hardware watchdog timer, a program lock scheme for on-chip program memory and power management modes. The 8xC151SA/SB has 256 bytes of on-chip data RAM and is available in 16 Kbytes and 8 Kbytes of on-chip ROM/OTPROM or ROMless options. The 8xC151SA/SB is instruction set compatible with MCS 51 microcontrollers.

8xC151SA/SB Block Diagram

  • New core architecture
  • Up to 5X performance increase using existing codes
  • Reduce RFI design considerations
  • Binary code and pin compatible with MCS 51 microcontroller
  • Direct "drop-in" performance upgrade
  • Software investment protected
  • Minimal to zero hardware redesign
  • Quick time to market
  • 8 Kbytes/16 Kbytes on-chip ROM/OTPROM or ROMless version
  • Flexibility in using different memory options in development and production
  • Programmable Counter Array (PCA) supports
    • Real-time capture and compare
    • High speed output
    • PWM
  • Flexibility and performance enhancement in real-time control applications such as:
    • Measurement of duty cycle, phase
      difference and frequency
    • Real-time interrupt generation and output
    • Adjustable duty cycle generation
  • Hardware watchdog timer
  • Increased system reliability
  • Page mode configuration
  • Increases the performance for external instruction fetch by 2X
  • Programmable wait states (0-3) configuration and external wait pin capability
  • Flexibility in external memory and peripheral interface
  • Allows the use of either fast or slow memory
  • Support seven interrupt sources, each with four interrupt priority levels
  • Increased flexibility for event control applications

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