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MCS®251 Microcontroller
Intel Extends the MCS® 251 Microcontroller Roadmap with 2nd UART Capability and Up to 24 MHz Frequency Performance

Intel has introduced four new members of the MCS® 251 microcontroller family that provide a smooth upgrade path to higher performance and enhanced feature sets from existing designs. The new Intel 8xC251TA/TB/TP/TQ microcontrollers include 2nd UARTS for expanded serial communications capability and 24MHz frequency performance for up to 1.5x faster execution time, compared to 16MHz 8xC251SA/SB/SP/SQ microcontrollers. The new microcontrollers also support the powerful feature set of 8xC251SA/SB/SP/SQ series microcontrollers.

Reflecting Intel's continuing commitment to the high-performance 8-bit applications segment, the latest 8xC251TA/TB/TP/TQ microcontrollers maintain both pin and binary code compatibility with the existing MCS® 51/151/251 microcontrollers. The result is a natural upgrade path to higher performance and richer feature sets at competitive pricing that protects existing software investments and hardware designs.

The higher performance and advanced features of the new microcontrollers make them the ideal choice for applications that require complex data manipulation functions and real-time control capability. Target applications include printers, copiers, scanners, CD-ROM drives, tape drives, modems, POS terminals, digital phones, cellular/wireless handsets and linecards.

Development tools for the new 8xC251TA/TB/TP/TQ microcontrollers will be available in January 1998 from leading MCS® 51/151/251 tools vendors.

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