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Development Tools and Programming Tools
Intel offers design engineers a variety of hardware and software development tools from some of the industry's leading tools suppliers. High performance, Windows* based software, full featured, real-time emulators along with flexible, fully integrated device programming support is available from many of the familiar suppliers currently supporting the MCS 51 microcontroller architecture. ApBUILDER, Intel's interactive programming software, has been upgraded to include the MCS 151 and MCS 251 microcontroller architecture. ApBUILDER speeds up the learning curve and reduces total design time making the migration to the MCS 151 and MCS 251 architecture easy. The Project Builder 251 Evaluation Kit brings all the hardware and software needed to begin the project together, in a low cost turn key kit.

High performance Windows based development tools are also available from BSO/Tasking, Keil and Production Languages Corporation (PLC). These high quality tools include ANSI C Compilers, Macro Assemblers, Source Level Debuggers, Object Librarians, Linker/Locators and Instruction Simulators. Full-featured, real-time emulators featuring DOS* or Windows based user interface and a variety of host hardware interfaces are offered by Metalink Corporation and Nohau Corporation. Flexible, fully integrated device programming support for advanced designs is available from BP Microsystems, Data I/O, Needham, and System General Corporation.

[*] MCS®

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