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Project Builder 251 Evaluation Kits
The MCS 251 microcontroller Evaluation Kit gives design engineers the H/W and S/W tools they need to fully evaluate the Intel microcontroller features and performance. The evaluation board comes configured and ready to run with the development tools.

The evaluation board offers maximum design flexibility as a code development platform or as a stand alone system to prototype your design. It can be easily configured for either MCS 51 binary or MCS 251 microcontroller source mode code execution using either paged or non-paged memory access. The board supports application programs up to the full 256K addressability of the 8xC251SA/SB/SP/SQ and is designed to use SRAM, EPROM or Intel's FLASH memory devices. Additionally, the evaluation board has two serial ports, I/O expansion connectors, a programmable logic device with source for advanced users, a run indicator LED and can be used as an ICE Target. It offers designers the full range of development options.

The kit provides a selection of three development tool programming environments from Keil Software, Production Languages Corporation (PLC) and BSO Tasking, which operate in restricted use mode. These tools permit designers to develop limited size applications while some tool features may be restricted. The Flex Series Integrated Development Environment from PLC is upgradable on the spot with a S/W key to unrestricted usage with a phone call and credit card. Additionally, the kit contains Intel's ApBUILDER code generation tools for the MCS 251 microcontrollers and the Hypertext 251 User's Manual. Save design time and reduce your learning curve by ordering the MCS 251 microcontroller evaluation kit today!

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