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MCS(R) 51/151/251 microcontrollers
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MCS® 51
* Classic
* High-Speed
* Low-Voltage
* Expanded RAM
* Application Specific
* Special Environment
* MCS® 51 Linecards
MCS® 151/251
* 8xC151SA/SB
* 8xC251SA/SB/SP/SQ
* 8xC251TA/TB/TP/TQ
* Richer MCS® 251 Feature Sets
* MCS® 151/251 Page Mode
* Project Builder 251 Eval Kits
* Development Tools
* MCS® 151/251 Linecards

Intel MCS® Microcontrollers:
They're Made to Upgrade

From the most basic MCS® 51 microcontroller to the most advanced new MCS® 251 microcontrollers, Intel offers you a fast, easy and cost-effective upgrade path that combines high performance and richer feature sets with full pin and code compatibility. Like the original MCS® 51 microcontroller, the MCS® 151 and 251 microcontrollers are available in a wide choice of packaging, pricing and feature options.

Intel's 8-bit MCS 51 CHMOS microcontroller family is optimized for control-oriented applications that require lower power, higher integration and higher performance. The MCS 151 microcontroller is a "drop-in" high-performance upgrade that gives you up to 5x faster performance. The MCS 251 microcontroller offers advanced architecture and richer features that enable performance gains up to 15x, simply by recompiling your existing MCS 51 code.

  • MCS 51 Classic Family 8-bit CHMOS microcontrollers are a solid choice for lower power higher integration embedded control applications.
  • MCS 51 High Speed Family microcontrollers provide increased frequency performance levels up to 24 MHz and 33 MHz.
  • MCS 51 Low-Voltage Family microcontrollers combine low power and high performance with Vcc ranges from 2.7V to 3.6V and frequency up to 20 MHz.
  • MCS 51 Expanded RAM Family microcontrollers have 512 Bytes of on-chip data RAM for increased data parameter and high level language functionality.
  • MCS 51 Application Specific Family microcontrollers support a wide range of specific embedded control applications, from input devices to networking.
  • MCS 151 Microcontrollers (8xC151SA/SB) are a "drop-in" upgrade based on new Intel 8-bit microcontroller architectures, delivering up to 5x higher performance.
  • MCS 251 Microcontrollers (8xC251SA/SB/SP/SQ) are a superset of the MCS 151 design, providing even more performance headroom through an enhanced feature set and advanced MCS 251 architecture.
  • MCS 251 Microcontrollers (8xC251TA/TB/TP/TQ) are a superset of the MCS151 and 8xC251SX design, providing an upgrade path to higher performance and enhanced feature sets at a competitive market pricing.
  • Intel Zapcode on the Web. In just a few minutes you can use this new software tool to send ROM media to Intel from anywhere in the world via the web.

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