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Drop In the MCS® 151 Microcontroller and Instantly Boost Performance Up To 5x!

Watch Performance Take-Off Instantly!
Staying ahead of your competition while adding new features and performance to your microcontroller-based products can be tough and also expensive. Fortunately, Intel offers you an easy way to instantly boost product performance now, without the time and expense of changing your design or writing new code.

Intel's MCS® 151 microcontroller allows you to achieve an immediate performance boost of up to 5-times, compared to the MCS® 51. And you can do it with little or no development effort. Just drop the MCS 151 microcontroller into your existing MCS 51 microcontroller-based design and watch performance take-off.

Compatibility is the Key
Intel designed the MCS 151 microcontroller to be instruction-set compatible with the MCS 51 microcontroller. It is also pin-compatible with both the MCS 51 and the MCS® 251 microcontrollers. The result is a microcontroller that offers you the ultimate flexibility of both backwards and forwards compatibility within the Intel MCS 51 architecture line.

Up To 5x More Performance at the Same Clock Rate
In our tests, the MCS 151 microcontroller's fast pipelining supported up to five-times more performance than MCS 51 microcontrollers at the same clock speed. And don't forget, because it is designed with pin- and peripheral-compatibility with the MCS 251 microcontroller, the MCS 151 microcontroller gives you a fast and easy upgrade path to even higher performance in the future.

Pipelined CPU Architecture
The MCS 151 microcontroller features 256 bytes of on-chip RAM and is available either with 8/16 Kbytes of on-chip ROM/OTPROM or in ROMless configurations. Key features include a pipelined CPU, 16-bit internal code bus, page mode external code fetch configuration, and external wait state capability. It also features a programmable counter array for applications that require real-time compare/capture, high-speed I/O and pulse-width modulation, an enhanced serial port for multi-processor communication, a hardware watchdog timer and power management modes.

Drop one into your existing design today, and watch performance reach new heights!

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