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MCS® 251 Microcontroller Line Gets Richer, Better
The Intel 8xC251TA/TB/TP/TQ and 8xC251SA/SB/SP/SQ are based on the new high performance MCS® 251 micro-controller architecture. Being members of the MCS 251 microcontroller family, the 8xC251TA/TB/TP/TQ and 8xC251SA/SB/SP/SQ have the same advanced register based CPU architecture and a pipelined instruction execution unit. They use the powerful MCS 251 microcontroller instruction set, with many enhanced 8, 16 and 32-bit instructions available. The new microcontrollers are also specially designed to execute C code efficiently. Most importantly, the 8xC251TA/TB/TP/TQ and 8xC251SA/SB/SP/SQ are binary code and pin compatible with the existing MCS 51 microcontrollers. They represent the easiest way to upgrade performance of existing MCS 51 microcontroller applications, delivering up to 15 times the performance.

The 8xC251SA/SB/SP/SQ features a rich combination of integrated peripherals that make it an even more powerful microcontroller. The Programmable Counter Array (PCA) provides the flexibility for applications that require real time compare/capture, high speed I/O and pulse width modulation capabilities. Also included is an enhanced serial port for multi-processor communications, a hardware watch dog timer, a program lock scheme for on-chip program memory and two power saving modes: idle mode and power down mode. The 8xC251SA/SB/SP/SQ has 1 Kbyte or 512 bytes on-chip data RAM and is available with 16 Kbytes or 8 Kbytes of on-chip OTPROM/EPROM (87C251SA/SB/SP/SQ), or ROM (83C251SA/SB/SP/SQ), or ROMless (80C251SB/SQ) options. The 8xC251SA/SB/SP/SQ operates from static standby to 16 MHz clock frequency and is available in 44-pin PLCC and 40-pin package options.

8xC251TA/TB/TP/TQ (New Products)
The 8xC251TA/TB/TP/TQ is based on the MCS 251 microcontroller architecture and has ALL of the 8xC251SA/SB/SP/SQ peripheral features plus a 2nd programmable serial I/O port (UART). In addition, the 8xC251TA/TB/TP/TQ microcontroller can perform up to 24 MHz frequency and maintains pin and code compatibility with MCS 51/151/251 microcontrollers. Similar with the 8xC251SA/SB/SP/SQ, the 8xC251TA/TB/TP/TQ has 512 bytes or 1Kbyte of on-chip data RAM options, 8 Kbytes and 16 Kbytes of on-chip ROM or ROMless options, and is available in 44LD PLCC and 40LD PD1P package options.

Flexible RAM, ROM/EPROM and Pricing
The new MCS 251 microcontrollers range in price from $5.50 to $6.50 in 100K unit direct OEM pricing for ROM products. All are available as standard 5V 16 MHz parts and are available in commercial as well as extended temperature range. Product options are:

  • 8xC251SA:   8K ROM/OTPROM and 1K RAM
  • 8xC251SB:   16K ROM/OTPROM and 1K RAM
  • 8xC251SP:   8K ROM/OTPROM and 512B RAM
  • 8xC251SQ:   16K ROM/OTPROM and 512B RAM
  • 8xC251TA:   8K ROM and 1K RAM
  • 8xC251TB:   16K ROM and 1K RAM
  • 8xC251TP:   8K ROM and 512B RAM
  • 8xC251TQ:   16K ROM and 512B RAM

    ROMless versions are also available

    8xC251SA/SB/SP/SQ: up to 16 MHz (speed);
    8xC251TA/TB/TP/TQ: up to 24 MHz (speed) plus 2nd UART capability

    The 8xC251 microcontrollers are available in 40-pin PDIP and 44-pin PLCC packages.

    Fast, Easy Development
    Intel and its third party vendors offer a variety of hardware and software development tools to make your MCS 251 controller development as fast as possible. Intel's ApBUILDER interactive programming software shortens your learning curve, reduces your total design time, and speeds your migration to the MCS 251 architecture.

    8XC251SA, 8XC251SB, 8XC251SP, 8XC251SQ Embedded Microcontroller User's Manual
    (.pdf 3,118,443 bytes)

    8XC251SA/SB/SP/SQ High-Performance CHMOS Microcontroller
    (datasheet .pdf 583,726 bytes)

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