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Special Environment Product Overview
Intel's controllers have smooth upgrade paths and extensive on-chip integration. Intel continues to produce leading edge controllers and offers these products over the rugged temperature grades required of today's demanding industries.

Architecture Overview
Intel's 8-bit MCS® 51 microcontroller family consists of CHMOS versions of the original 8-bit microcontrollers. The MCS 51 microcontroller architecture is optimized for control-oriented applications. A variety of fast addressing modes for accessing the internal RAM facilitates byte processing and numerical operations on small data structures. The instruction set provides a convenient menu of 8-bit arithmetic instructions, including multiply and divide instructions. Extensive on-chip support is provided for 1-bit variables as a separate data type, allowing direct bit manipulation and testing in control and logic systems that require Boolean processing.

Intel offers a wide variety of MCS 51 controllers with different levels of on-chip peripherals and memory. The MCS 51 microcontroller family includes versions with on-chip EPROM, One-Time Programmable (OTP) and ROM memory, as well as CPU-only microcontrollers. Intel's proven CHMOS technology provides lower power, higher integration and higher performance in this line of controllers.

8-bit CPU optimized for event control Efficient.
Event control design
Boolean processing Ease.
Simple bit manipulation
Enables single-chip designs
On-chip peripherals (timer/counters, serial ports, I/O ports, PCA, etc.) Integration.
High integration enables low-cost and low-cost and low-chip count designs
Extensive software and hardware programming support Easy to use.
Simplifies your design cycle

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