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StrongARM(TM)* Processors
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The StrongARM microprocessor family is composed of the standard processor, the SA-110, and the application-specific processor, the SA-1100. The SA-110 is an attractive solution for products such as Internet appliances and general embedded applications. The SA-1100 is well suited for smart handheld devices such as point of sale devices and handheld inventory and delivery implementations. SA-1100 is also well suited for Internet access devices such as screen phones. The NEW SA-1101 is a tightly coupled companion chip that works with the SA-1100 to deliver a StrongARM solution for the PC companion market segment. Industry third-party vendors offer a wide range of operating systems and development tools that provide OEMs with flexibility in system design and faster time to market.

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SA-1100 Microprocessor Deliver a combination of high performance and low power consumption with features that can handle applications such as PC companions, smart phones, web phones.
SA-1101 Companion Chip Design a product for the handheld PC market that adds video display capabilities to the existing SA-1100 LCD controller function, along with a USB host controller, and considerable I/O functionality.
SA-110 Microprocessor Offer a high-level price performance and minimal power consumption solution for embedded control systems and Internet appliances.
21285 Core Logic Create cost-effective products for a wide array of PCI applications, including internetworking, office automation and interactive digital media.

Used only with the SA-110 Microprocessor and not both StrongARM microprocessors.

Order Numbers:

SA-110 Microprocessor

Speed Part Number
100 MHz 21281-BA
160 MHz 21281-AA
166 MHz 21281-DA
200 MHz 21281-CA
233 MHz 21281-EA

SA-1100 Microprocessor

Speed Part Number
133 MHz DE-S1100-AA
160 MHz DE-S1100-CA
190 MHz DE-S1100-EA
220 MHz DE-S1100-DA

SA-1100 Microprocessor

Speed Part Number
133 MHz DE-S1100-AB
160 MHz DE-S1100-CB
190 MHz DE-S1100-EB
220 MHz DE-S1100-DB

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