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StrongARM(TM)* Processors

Evaluation Boards and Platform

Intel makes the following boards and the SA-1100 platform available to manufacturers to use for:

  • hardware reference design
  • software development and testing
SA-1100 Evaluation Platform The evaluation platform provides a wide variety of design and development features, including the SA-1100 processor, on-board memory, LCD touch screen, keyboard, telecom/audio/microphone/speaker, PCMCIA connector, serial I/O and logic analyzer connectors. Designers can easily extract portions of the board and accompanying SA-1100 schematics to expedite product design.

Part number for the SA-1100 Evaluation Platform is DE-1S110-0A.

EBSA-110 Evaluation Board The EBSA-110 is an evaluation board for the SA-110 StrongARM microprocessor. It is a single-board computer designed to match the form-factor of a baby-AT PC motherboard.
EBSA-285 Evaluation Board The EBSA 285 is an evaluation board for the SA-110 StrongARM microprocessor and the 21285 Core Logic controller. The evaluation board is a PCI card that can be used in various configurations.

Part number for the EBSA-285 is 21A85-01. Part number for the 5 volt backplane for the EBSA-285 is 21A85-02. Part number for the 2 volt backplane for the EBSA-285 is 21A85-03.

SA-1100 Multimedia Development Board with Companion SA-1101 Development Board
SA-1100 Multimedia Development Board With a SA-1100 microprocessor at the heart of this motherboard, this design is an example integration of video, audio, POTS communication, flash, and a DSP co-processor on board. Benefiting from programmable CPLDs, the circuit routing is extremely flexible and probe points provide access to key signals. Two connectors are provided for mounting daughter cards, including one for the optional SA-1101 daughterboard. Software drivers source code is available.

The part number for the board is DE-1S110-OB.

SA-1101 Development Board The optional SA-1101 companion device provides additional I/O connections for devices and peripherals, including VGA graphics. With a SA-1101 at the heart of this daughtercard, this board provides expanded I/O connections for video, PCMCIA card connector, USB, DSUB and 1284/Parallel ports, and PS/2 connections. It also provides a hardware and software development environment for PCMCIA interfaces, IEEE 1284, and matrix keyboards. Like the SA-1100 Multimedia Development board, this design also benefits from programmable CPLDs and probe points that provide access to key signals.

The part number for this board is DE-1S110-OC.

Web Phone Reference Design The StrongARM Web phone Reference Design is a reference design based on the SA-1100 microprocessor.

Part number for the Web Phone Reference Design is PDE-1S110-0F.

Download Source for information about operating systems, development tools, evaluation boards, and reference designs.
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