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StrongARMô SA-1100 Microprocessor for Embedded Applications Brief Datasheet

The StrongARMô SA-1100 Microprocessor (SA-1100) is a device targeted to provide high-performance computing to embedded applications but at consumer electronics pricing with MIPS-per-dollar and MIPS-per-watt advantages. The SA-1100 incorporates a 32-bit StrongARMô RISC processor running at 160/220 MHz with a large instruction and data cache, memory-management unit (MMU), and read/write buffers running at 160/220 MHz. In addition, the SA-1100 provides system support logic, multiple serial communication channels, a color/gray scale LCD controller, PCMCIA support for up to two sockets, and general-purpose I/O ports.

ARM and StrongARM are trademarks of Advanced RISC Machines, Ltd.

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