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StrongARM** SA-1100 Multimedia Development Board with Companion SA-1101 Development Board User's Guide

The SA-1100 microprocessor provides a true convergence machine for the appliance, telephony, and embedded computer market segments. The SA-1100 is a low-cost general-purpose microcomputer with a wide variety of I/O, performance optimizations, caching, and a flexible memory controller. All of these features enable it to input, manipulate, and output media streams. The SA-1100 is a 32-bit RISC microprocessor with a 16 KB instruction cache, an 8 KB write-back data cache, a minicache, a write buffer, a read buffer, and a memory-management unit (MMU) combined in a single device. For more information about the SA-1100 device, see the SA-1100 Microprocessor Technical Reference Manual.

The SA-1101 companion device provides additional I/O connections for devices and peripherals, including VGA graphics. These I/O functions enable complete systems to be built with very little “glue” logic. In addition to a complete video subsystem, the SA-1101 includes a USB host controller, extensive support for PCMCIA, two PS/2 ports and keypad support, a full-function parallel port, and other I/O capabilities. For more information about the SA-1101 device, see the StrongARM** SA-1101 Microprocessor Technical Reference Manual.

**ARM and StrongARM are trademarks of Advanced RISC Machines, Ltd.

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