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StrongARM** SA-1100 Microprocessor Evaluation Platform Brief Datasheet

Intel offers a StrongARM** SA-1100 hardware developerís kit and evaluation platform that manufacturers can use as a hardware reference design and as a tool for developing and testing software. Designers can easily extract portions of the board and accompanying SA-1100 schematics to expedite product design. The evaluation platform provides a wide variety of design and development features, including the SA-1100 processor, onboard memory (SRAM, DRAM, Flash, and ROM), LCD panels, touch screen, keyboard, audio accessories (telephone jack, microphone, and speaker), PCMCIA connector, serial I/O interfaces (USB port, IrDA infrared support, SDLC port, and two UART ports), and logic analyzer connectors.

**ARM and StrongARM are trademarks of Advanced RISC Machines, Ltd.

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