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StrongARM(TM)* Products

StrongARM Products

Web phone Reference Design Based on the StrongARM SA-1100 Microprocessor

image of SA1100

The StrongARM Web phone Reference Design is a reference design based on the the SA-1100 microprocessor. The SA-1100 processor is enabling emerging intelligent telephony devices such as Web phones and video phones.

Below is a list of features of the StrongARM Web phone Reference Design:


Hardware features include:
SA-1100 communications processor
Full VGA Mono 6" LCD (8-bit 640x480) screen display
Four-wire resistive touch sensitive screen or PS/2 interface touch pad
Two-line telephone and full-duples, hands-free speakerphone
RS-232 serial port for PC access
QWERTY keyboard
Message indicator light for voice mail and e-mail
Digital answering machine for voice mail
Hold, mute, and flash buttons, volume controls for handset, ringer, speaker

Software features include:
Inferno* real-time OS
V.34 (33.6Kbps) soft modem, designed to be upgradeable to 56Kbps and ISDN
Web browser supporting HTML 3.2
Advanced telephony services(i.e. caller ID, call waiting, call blocking, speed dial)
Calendar, calculator, and alarm clock software
In box software for voice mail and e-mail

StrongARM microprocessors provide the high-end computing performance you need for embedded applications. The SA-1100 features a cost-effective, highly integrated single-chip design. A 32-bit RISC microprocessor, the SA-1100 is based on the powerful SA-1 core and integrates large on-chip caches, a memory/PCMCIA controller, a flexible LCD controller, several types of serial channels (USB, IrDA, UART, SDLC, SSP), DMA controllers, power management, and much of the system logic required for embedded applications.

Simple Block Diagram of the SA-1100-based Webphone Reference Design

image of simple block diagram of the SA-1100 based Webphone reference design

Design and Implementation Advantages:

  • Total system solution -- hardware and software
  • Industry leading price-performance
  • Cache optimization allows fast retrieval of frequently used or requested data

* Design database and software drivers available for release now

Ordering Information

Product Order Number
Web Phone Reference Design DE-1S110-0F (includes hardware, software, schematics, gerber files and documentation

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